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The Best Way to Clean Your
Glasses & Other Surfaces

Smitty's special protective glasswax formula removes smudges and repels dust and dirt while still being safe to use on virtually any surface. There is no alcohol or harsh chemicals and it is non-abrasive so Smitty's Glass Wax is safe for all prescription glasses and sunglasses even with special coatings.

The simple 2-step wax-on wax-off design makes Smitty's Glasswax a breeze to use and one cleaning can last up to two weeks!

When you want your item to sparkle, apply a small dab, work wax evenly across the surface and wipe off with the reusable microfiber cloth. You may machine or hand wash your cloth and dry as usual. It's that easy!

Cleaner + Polish + Wax

Last for years

Made in the USA

Reusable Microfiber Cloth


100% Safe On All Types Of Surfaces

Smitty's Glasswax is perfect for glass, plastic, metal, diamonds and precious stones, painted, vinyl, wood, leather, steel, slate, mirrors, laminate, ceramic, granite, soapstone, marble, zinc, laminate, and more!

The uses are endless: glasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses, cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, TVs, GPSs, camera lens, mirrors, goggles, jewelry, CDs, DVDs, telescopes, kitchen countertops, kitchen appliances, outdoor appliances, outdoor furniture, auto glass and more!




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About Us

Smitty's is a family business based out of sunny Southern California. What started as an accident, using boat wax to clean a pair of sunglasses while out on a family yachting trip, turned into an obsession to create the perfect multi-purpose glasswax formula. After several years of experimentation, the Smitty’s Glasswax formula hit the shelves and can now be found in stores all around the world.

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